Automatic Heat Transfer Printing Machine
  1. Designed for the heat transfer of conical items
  2. Transfer paper stretches to form a sector type adapting to different cone sizes during heat transfer printing,ensuring no creasing
  3. Freely adjustable printing speed and smooth operation
  4. Torque adjuster enables foil sending to maintain proper tension
  5. Photoelectric sensor and timer ensure accurate positioning in foil sending



Models YT-100
Roller 100 dia. x 250 L
Power 220V 50/60Hz
Work area 300x250L
Electic heaters 400W x 6 pcs
Temperatue adjustment computer controlled SSR 0-400°C
Max. spread width 400mm
Foil rolling Variable-speed motor plus photoelectric-cell timer
Foil sending AFTC
Pressurizer Hydraulic type
Max.Pressure 800kg/cm2
Machine Dimensions 1400 x 900 x2100
Machine weight 900kgs
Packing measurements 1600 x 1050 x2300
Gross weight 1000kgs