Cone-Shaped, Curved & Big Area Automatic Heat Transfer Printer
  1. Professional heat transfer printer for cone-shaped products with big area, for, example: 5- gallon oilcans, paint cans. 
  2. Printing area: 400mm dia, height 350m/m. 
  3. Transfer figuration fanwise according to conoid product, without creasy. 
  4. Stable speed with variable adjustment. 
  5. Foil sending with torque control, keep applicative tension. 
  6. Variable-speed motor and photo-timer ensure smooth foil sending with accurate positioning.Specifications



Modle YT-101
Roller 120dia x 350L
Power 220V x 50/60HZ
Electric heaters 600W x 7 pcs
Temperature adjustement computer controlled SSR 0~400°C
Max. spread width 400m/m
Foil rolling Variable-speed motor plus photoelecttic-cell timer
Foil sending AFTC
Work area 400x350m/m
Pressuizer Hydraulic type
Max.Pressure 1100kg/cm2
Machine Dimensions 1800x1100x2100
Machine weight 1000kgs
Packing measurements 1900x1200x2300
Gross weight 1100kgs